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IT services

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Our IT services help businesses deliver consistent, compelling, innovative, and agile digital experiences.

Our software offerings typically fall under the following categories:

  • Information technology network services
  • Electronic chip programming
  • computer system and communication equipment software design
  • IT infrastructure

Explore our software services

As a custom software development services and custom software programming services provider Dubai, Aliens provides its professional software development services in the major divisions of custom software programming, desktop applications development, enterprise applications development and software product development area.

Custom Software Development

With our custom software programming services, we are determined to create a value for price development service for our clients and customers of clients. When it comes to custom software development at Aliens – you can be provided with services of web programming, web application development services and also the non-web programming service that counts as database applications programming. Here at DCS we provide you all type of custom software services like, database designing, database application development, requirement based software development services
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Software Product Development

If you are thinking of some type of software product or software component, at Aliens – our proficient software developers can help you a lot. With our software product development services you can create your software product with our developers saving at your developing cost and time, that you can use at marketing and selling of the product to generate revenue for your business.We can get you a complete product redesign and development also, our software development professionals are expert to handle the Software Re-Engineering Process. You can take us for white lable software product development task
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Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise applications development is for wide spread companies having different departments and looking for a synchronized solution to their daily routines of product management and people management together. These applications can be a web based application or a local network based ERP – enterprise resource planning application generating various MIS reports those are helpful to you or your customers to plan the future develoments or check the historical progress and other reports.
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IT Consulting Services

You can consult our professional software development experts for the services like database development, UI/UX Designs for your software. If you are completely revamping your organizational structures and for what you are looking for an IT consultant who can help you everything that is related to information technology. from purchasing of equipments, placing, setting up the server and desktops or office setup and website design and development or software development.
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